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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Lazarus Trap by T Davis Bunn

People say The Lazarus Trap is one of the best suspense books on the market. I've read rave reviews about it, saying how complex the characters are and how it left them spellbound to the last page. That sickens me. To be honest, I wasn't really excited about reading the book after reading all of Bunn's other "masterpieces".
The Lazarus Trap is about a man who wakes up in prison with no remembrance of who he is or how he got there. In his wallet he finds the driver's licence of a man that, after further research, does not even exist. There's no explanation of how the licence got there in the first place. He almost immediately remembers who he is and begins to run away from his former life by changing his name.
But Bunn couldn't resist the need for "suspense". He added a completely unnecessary part about the lead's former corporate enemy chasing him all around the world. The reason: he just wants him dead. And of course, our plastic heroic lead, who can do no wrong, runs, and along the way, hooks up with a shady group of computer hackers just trying to make a living. In the end, the hero wins and gets in no trouble for associating with them.
As with most of Bunn's books, the plot is very fixable. There should have been no chase, only the lead's attempt the escape his past. He should have learned something from hanging around the wrong people at the end. Basically, I would never recommend this book to anyone, especially if they were new to Christian suspense. I would recommend James Scott Bell instead.
2 stars

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