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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Legend of the Firefish by George Brian Polivka

Polivka has burst onto the writing scene with an innovative and creative alternate world book, The Legend of the Firefish. Perhaps the best thing about it is that no one from our world gets in.The seafaring world of Nearing Vast is simply there, wherever it is.
The story is about Packer Throme, a young restless man in the town of Hangman's Cliffs, who stows away aboard the Trophy Chase, the prize ship of a resident pirate. Their mission is the hunt the nortoriuous Firefish, a mysterious monster of the deep. At first, the plot seems predictable and a little boring. But near the middle and through to the end, nothing is predictable about, except the very end.
His characters are imperfect and believable, the kind of characters we are looking for. One interesting part is that several Firefish are characters themselves, narrating certain scenes. It's interesting to see the world form their perspective.
One problem with the world he has created is that it repeats history and Biblical stories from our world, which makes no sense. However, we don't know what he should have done instead.
The Legend of the Firefish is one of the best debut novels we have ever read.
3 stars

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