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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ezekiel's Shadow by David Ryan Long

I'm convinced that the Christian market has too many books about horror writers who can't think of anything else to write and soon discover that they are being stalked by someone from the pages of their books. Ghostwriter by Travis Thrasher, Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins, and of course, Ezekiel's Shadow by David Ryan Long. But Ezekiel's Shadow was the first of these, so I cannot fault it there.
Ian Merchant is a born again Christian. He used to be a popular horror writer, but now he can't think of anything to write because of his new found faith. His days have become mindless routines of walking the dog, talking with his wife, and trying to write again. But nothing's coming.
But someone keeps leaving him notes that are lines straight from the pages of his horror novels.
He talks about with a police detective several times, but they can't come up with anything. After they do find out who it was, everyone is shocked, including the reader.
For one thing, this book is not suspense. I'm glad for that because it could have easily been so.
Here's what's keeping it from being Elite:
Though the characters are good, they lack personalities. Since this is not a suspense plot, it should be a character driven plot. But it's not.
Also, the title makes no sense. I guess David couldn't come up with anything else interesting.
As an interesting sidebar, one of the character is writing Quinlin's Estate, Long's second book. He obviously already had the idea.
But I still like Quinlin's Estate better than this one, even though it is a good debut novel.
3.5 stars

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