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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rating Guide

5 stars-The book has lived up to its full potential. The plot is well executed and the end unpredictable. The characters are good and believable.
4.5 stars-The book has almost lived up to its full potential. The plot is pretty good. The characters are good enough.
4 stars-The book is good, well-written, and worthy of the Elite List. However, it's just not one of those 5 star books. The characters can either be good with a mediocre plot or the characters can be mediocre with a good plot.
3.5 stars-The book is good, but not enough to be worthy of the Elite List. This mind of book has just fallen short of the honor.
3 stars-The book is a little above average and definitely worth reading.
2.5-The book is average and probably worth reading.
2 stars-The book is less than average and probably not worth reading. This type of book usually uses a worn out idea.
1.5 stars-The book has a bad writing style but still has potential.
1 star-The book has no potential and is definitely not worth reading at all.
.5 stars-We have only bestowed this honor to two books so far.
How do we rate our books?
Steve rates the book for its writing style. He decides how professionally it is executed and written, and rates it accordingly.
Andrew rates the book according to its content, how original the plot and plot idea are, and how believable the characters are.
We combine our ratings and average them to come up with a final score.

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