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Friday, August 7, 2009

Scared to Death by Debbie Giusti

There was nothing really good or bad about Scared to Death. Except the cover art. Who ever designed the cover of the large print version did a despicable job on it.
Anyway, the plot wasn't very original or predictable. It's about a woman whose old friend calls her up out of the blue and tells her about something creepy going on in her town, something she couldn't say over the phone. She insists she come and see for herself.
When the lead does so, she finds herself in a lot of trouble. Starting with a car accident, and continuing to the death of her friend.
I wouldn't really call this book suspense, except for the predictable final scene. Most of the book is comprised of the lead trying to get the father and daughter she's staying with to reconcile with each other.
The climax shows the lead characters being held hostage at the strange operation undercover in the town.
The characters are just normal and average. They say and do everything they're supposed to.
The whole book is written in an odd tone, one abnormal for a female author. The book is probably worth your time. Most people will like it.
3 stars

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