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Friday, August 14, 2009

Submerged by Alton Gansky

Submerged is the strangest Christian book we have ever reviewed. It's the third book in the Perry Sachs series, and the last which is a good thing.
Apparently his father and a handful of other agents went on a mysterious assignment that only they know about. The mission: explore a mysterious underground cavern. What they find inside isn't even explainable in words.
Now, in the present day, Perry's father and friends are either dying or dead from a mysterious disease. All they can link it too is the underground cavern and what was in it.
So when Perry and his crew go to investigate they find that it's coming up through a reservoir built on top of it. In order to stop it, they have to descend into it. What they find down there is beyond believability and bordering on stupid.
There's no book I can think of to compare it to. Nothing about it is normal or even possible.
So you ask, why don't we like it? It's original, sure. But one can be too original.
But that's not really all. There are several typical plot devices Alton uses, including an unnecessary villain, a completely tacked-on romantic subplot, and a dumb "climactic" scene at the end of the adventure.
While one is reading it, it seems really interesting, but at the end you wonder if you wasted your time. You will have to decide for yourself.
3 stars for originality

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