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Thursday, August 20, 2009

According to Their Deeds by Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson has not been afraid to continue writing in his own genre: the genre of complex dialogue. According to Their Deeds follows this same pattern and even adds several philosophical conversations to make it interesting.
The plot is about a rare book salesman and his wife. They run a shop on the outskirts of Washington DC, so they see a lot of what's going on in the political world. But when the salesman's best friend and customer dies, the man sends all his books back to the salesman. The only problem is they're full of suspicious and incriminating papers.
The plot becomes very epic near the middle, and I found myself very intrigued by it. The problem is the disappointing end. Robertson stuck a typical end onto his philosophical epic, making the whole thing dry. It was really a letdown because I was expecting an ambiguous end, not an end where everything turns out right.
There's nothing really wrong with this book, especially if you don't care about plot structure.
2.5 stars

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