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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adrenaline by John Olson

In a sea of mediocre biological and genetic thrillers, Adrenaline is just more water while books like Fatal Defect and Germ are waves.
Adrenaline is about a student with muscular dystrophy trying to experiment on himself in order to find a cure for his condition. The story starts a little choppy and even has couple of abstract scenes. Many of the characters are unnecessary and need to be eliminated or deepened. The female lead is not a person that really attracts the reader.
To me, the story and terms are a little nerdy. Olson needs to bring his story lines down to earth a little. The reader would be able to understand the characters better if they were more realistic. He also tries to force the story upon you and also forces several extra plots into the story. There are also several unexplained coincidences that help the end be perfect.
All in all, it's obvious that John Olson is not used to writing by himself. However, he has a lot of potential.
1 star

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