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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher by Rob Stennett

Rob Stennett is exactly what the Christian market needs these days: fresh originality.
The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher follows the life of Ryan Fisher, a slick real estate agent trying to climb up the corporate ladder. The only problem is there are already many people like him in the office. The solution: pretend to be a Christian and advertise in the Christian Business Directory.
As his business thrives, he starts getting too big for his britches. On a whim, he decides to plant a church. The People's Church. Its own denomination. He and his wife move several states away and plant a church in a restaurant.
The characters are good, better than most. However, the character of Ryan Fisher is a bit inconsistent; sometimes spastic, sometimes commanding; sometimes organized.
This plot does a very good job of presenting an issue in a very entertaining way. The point is, all a "pastor" really has to do to draw a crowd to make people feel good and tell them what they want to hear.
The plot is entertaining because of the unique writing style and how the book ends before the epilogue. Then Rob Stennett makes a rookie mistake and wrote a prologue that patches everything up at the end. But it was a good thing there was no last chapter conversion.
All in all, Rob Stennett is a promising author but has not yet lived up to his full potential.
3.5 stars

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