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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Canopy by Angela Hunt

The Canopy tells the story of a scientist with a debilitating nerve disorder, which she inherited from her mother. She has a daughter, so she fears she has it too.
That's why she's set off to the Amazon to research a mysterious cure a certain tribe has. The only problem is her tour guide. She doesn't like him because he's always sharing his knowledge of the rain forest.
This plot device in itself is not original. It could have been original if the two of them wouldn't have become romantically involved at the end.
The cure itself is a bit odd and far-fetched, even magical and mysterious. I don't really agree with it myself, but who knows if it's possible or not?
The characters are mediocre. The lead is but annoying because she's always worrying about things, but for this reason she's believable.
Basically, this plot has been done before and probably shouldn't be done again.
At least the cure was unexpected.
2 stars

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