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Friday, August 7, 2009

By My Hands by Alton Gansky

Healers and healings is a bit of a worn out genre. By My Hands starts when a local pastor is take into a local hospital after a bout of appendicitis. He is taken into surgery by the local surgeon, but the next morning, he doesn't even feel like he had surgery. The surgeon (the female lead) is confused but still refuses to let him go until he recovers. After being released from the hospital, the pastor begins visiting some church friends at the hospital. One patient in particular was in a coma until the pastor went to see him. When the pastor sees him, the man is completely alert and awake with no signs of being in a coma at all.
From here on out, more and more healings happen at the hospital and people from all over the county flock at the hospital to be healed. But the healer remains out of sight from everyone.
From here, the book gets a little boring as the plot meanders here and there. There are several odd scenes that don't fit with the book at all. At end, the pastor almost dies, and the healer finally shows his face to heal him.
This ending, I thought, was pretty lame. But it was a lame end to fit with a lame book. The characters aren't any good. The book would have been better without the inevitable romance.
This book just wasn't good for me.
2 stars

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