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Friday, August 7, 2009

Beneath a Southern Sky by Deborah Raney

Any book that has a plot about a woman who marries a man after she thinks her husband is dead and then finds out that her husband is still alive probably belongs on the Elite list. With this type of plot, it's hard to have a bad end. But there are other things that could hinder it, like bad characters, characters used as unoriginal plot devices, and of course, a convenient end.
However, Beneath a Southern Sky has none of those. It does have good characters, better than I expected. There actually wasn't a perfect male lead (even though he did have a dog that disappeared from the plot). Not even the second husband is used as an unoriginal plot device. And of course, the end is original.
This plot is based on choices of the lead, a type of plot that needs to be written more often. What Deborah Raney did with this book was what the public wanted, only this time, it was original. This book is definitely worth a read.
4 stars

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