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Thursday, August 13, 2009

By Reason of Insanity by Randy Singer

Is Randy Singer allowed to write a book that does not contain Nikki Moreno? Well, he has. By Reason of Insanity doesn't have any of his other usual characters either.
Quinn is a defense lawyer to the unpopular living in Las Vegas. He is popular for getting people off by reason of insanity. The way he is introduced into the plot is innovative and captures the reader's attention immediately.
Carolyn is a newspaper reporter with a problem: she's been dreaming. But not just regular dreams. She dreams exact details of crimes committed by the Avenger of Blood, a local serial killer. The day after her dream, the crime happens. This fact gets her into a bit of trouble when she lets it slip.
After hearing about Quinn on TV, she calls him to her home of Virginia Beach to take her case.
While this doesn't sound original in itself, you can't judge by first impressions. Normally I would say that serial killer books are worn out, but Randy Singer has come up with a way to make this idea original.
The end is unexpected and something authors should have been doing a long time ago. The characters are good. The romantic subplot is hardly existent.
Randy Singer has finally earned the five star award.
5 stars

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