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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Certain Jeopardy by Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky

At least new author Jeff Struecker has made an effort with Certain Jeopardy. I can't fault him for international and army accuracy because that's his specialty. I believe he is an honest and honorable man since he himself is in the army.
All that said, I can now talk about the plot structure and character development of this book. The plot is about six men in a squadron being sent to South America on a mission. The purpose and significance of the mission were lost to me. It seemed like it was all to-do about nothing.
Anyway, there are WAY too many characters introduced. Not only are there six main characters, but there are also wives of three of the men, a fiancee of another, and a brother of another. There is also a mechanic working with the squad, and an unnecessary family that is forced into the plot.
There aren't any good characters because Jeff can't develop them when he has over fifteen.
The end of the mission, I felt, was a little too suspenseful, having the expendable crewman, so to speak, be the only who dies.
The epilogue is an information dump of perfection, even though it is set at a funeral.
Considering all this, I do not discourage Jeff to stop writing. I think that if he keeps at it, he'll strike the right note eventually.
2.5 stars

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