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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cradle of Dreams by Joseph Bentz

Bentz seems to be settling into his new genre pretty well. He has a talented way of crafting interesting family situations filled with good characters.
Cradle of Dreams is one of those such books. It tells the story of a couple nearing their forties with a dilemma on their hands: they have no children. They can't have children. The book tells of how they try everything they can think of the have children: in vitro, surgery, pills, patience. But none of it is working so they finally come down to their last straw: adoption. This begins a whole new world for the two of them.
Both of them being such good characters makes this book interesting to read. If they weren't any good, than this book would have been a waste of time. Bentz does a good job of sprinkling other events into this book besides just trying to have children.
The main problem with the book is the end. I think Bentz panicked on this one. Where the plot was imperfect, the end made it all perfect. Everything turned out crystal clear and smooth. There were several things he should have changed about it.
Even though this book is not an Elite book for that reason, it's still not a bad book and is worth reading.
3 stars

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