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Friday, August 14, 2009

Director's Cut by Alton Gansky

How is it that Madison Glenn can't get involved in three murder mysteries in a row? In the same small town!
When her seat for mayor is threatened by a popular state senator and when a movie crew comes to town to film a movie, Madison once again finds herself torn two ways.
But when bodies start showing up around her house, things start to get interesting.
I think we can easily apply the old adage to this book: One's enough, two's a lot, and three's a crowd. Or something like that.
I can't really point out any other significant parts of this book besides the dumb end. The characters are like all the same person.
Murder mystery is a delicate genre. It can either be ridiculous or superb. It all depends on the packaging.
Not the cover, the plot, mind you.
Basically, if you ever read this book, at the end, you'll probably feel like you've wasted your time.
Never fear, that's exactly how I felt when I finished it.
So do yourself a favor and skip this one.
1 star

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