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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson

Double Vision is an intriguing, suspenseful story about five people trying to bring true privacy to America through computer encryption. Dillon Richard is a computer genius, and the brains behind their project.
But someone is trying to sabotage their project, of course.
Their journey is intense and exciting as they race against time to try to save their secrets. The characters are the best he's ever developed. None of them are perfect.
The problem I would raise with the book is the ending. I wish that Ingermanson had done the opposite of what he did for a conclusion. This includes excluding the dumb scene featuring multiple people entering a room and everyone being surprised over and over again. It also includes eliminating the whole premise of the book; the whole Double Vision thing. The meaning of the title is about Dillon having to choose one of two women. His choice is obvious.
However, this is definitely worth reading however because of its realisticness and exciting plot. With Ingermanson's books, you almost wish they would never end because he is ten times better at plots than conclusions.
3 stars

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