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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As Sure As the Dawn by Francine Rivers

As much as Acrutes wants to avoid his past and look toward his new freedom, he cannot. Especially when that past comes in the form of an infant son he thought was dead. Through Julia, he produced a son that has now shown up on his doorstep.
Esther, a Christian widow with no children of her own, offers to nurse Caleb for Acrutes until he is grown. But that means embarking with him across the continent to his homeland of Germany.
While there are the inevitable plot points such as Acrutes' conversion and his marriage to Esther, there are several interesting parts at the end that make this book worth reading.
There is only one perfect character that I can think of. Otherwise, they are all believable.
Francine has once again done her history homework and combined it with her descriptive writing style.
All in all, the Mark of the Lion trilogy was one rare trilogy that got better as it went. As Sure As the Dawn is one of the better series endings ever written. It's a good thing she didn't decide to write any more.
4 stars

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