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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers

An Echo in the Darkness picks up directly where A Voice in the Wind left off.
After being mauled in the arena, Hadasseh is taken in by a Roman physician searching for purpose. he nurses her back to health and than takes her in as an apprentice.
Meanwhile, Marcus leaves home thinking Hadasseh is dead and embarks on a journey to the Holy Land-Hadasseh's home country. While there, he searched for the meaning of life.
Back at home, Julia is dying of an illness inflicted by her immoral lifestyle. Hadasseh returns to her disguised to try and lead her to Jesus before it's too late.
Though the end of this book is pretty predictable, it is well written. Francine continues to leave no holes in her research on Rome.
The reader can easily relate to the characters because they stay the same as they were in the first book.
Since we didn't hear much from Acrutes in this book, the last book in this series is fully dedicated to him.
But An Echo in the Darkness is one of Francine's best books to date.
4 stars

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