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Monday, August 17, 2009

The End is Now by Rob Stennett

The End is Now is like a well-oiled invention. One that changes the face of the economy (like the Pregnant Cooler).
The plot (if it can be called one) follows the satire story of the town of Goodland, Kansas. The town lore has always been about false raptures, so what are they supposed to believe when an eleven year old boy starts prophesying about the coming rapture? Apparantly, God is using the town as a test market to see what is in the hearts of men. Some in the town believe it, and as a result, go beserk. The "level-headed" people make fun of them, but they themselves are sucked into the undertow of chaos the ransacks the town as the one of the judgements the boy predicts actually come to pass.
The story focuses on the family of the prophet-boy, and all of their history and entrappings. Despite all of the information the author tells you in the first chapter, the end is still unexpected.
The only book I can think of the compare this to is Tribulation House by Chris Well. But The End is Now is better, mostly because of the author's ingenious comments and the whole premise of the story telling.
Basically, Rob Stennett is the kind of author the Christian market needs and has unexpectedly given James Scott Bell a run for his money.
4.5 stars

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