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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Justice Game by Randy Singer

After much waiting and deliberation, the verdict is in for The Justice Game. Randy Singer has ventured into territory never tread before in the world of fiction. He let the public decide the verdict for this trial.
The trial starts when a gunman bursts into a newsroom just before airtime and threatens to kill everyone unless they put him on the air. Eventually, he kills a famous reporter and himself.
Jason Noble has just been fired from his cushy job at Justice, Inc. where he worked as a defense lawyer. Justice Inc. has a very strange system of trial prediction that would take too long to explain in a review. Anyway, after he is fired from Justice, his old boss sets him up as a defense lawyer in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Who does he hire as an assistant? Bella, of course (Directed Verdict, Self-Incrimination). Jason takes up the side of MD Firearms, the manufacturer of the gun the gunman used.
Kelly Starling is a civil rights lawyer already living in Virginia Beach. She takes up the case of the reporter's devastated husband, who is suing MD Firearms for supposedly selling the gun to the black market.
But someone is using both of them to play his game: the justice game. And he is using secrets from their past to bribe them for their cooperation.
The trial is very interesting and entertaining because the verdict could go either way. The characters are really what drive this plot, as usual. The judge is one of the better judge characters ever created.
The surprise at the end of the book is really who the black mailer is, not the end of the trial. Those who are looking for the name of the black mailer will find it. Those who are not looking will not find it.
All in all, Randy Singer has proved himself to be one of the most prolific writers in the Christian market. He's not afraid to do different things and try different plot ideas.
This is why The Justice Game is his second five star in a row.
5 stars

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