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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Full Circle by T Bavis Bunn

If you can think of the most typical, empty, plastic romance plot ever written, than that is Full Circle. At least Bunn didn't try to call this book suspense, because it's the farthest thing from it.
The plot is about a young, struggling businessman who crosses paths with a young woman with a dream to do missionary work in Africa. I don't really understand why Bunn thinks he always needs to write a romance.
Besides being bad characters (Bunn's specialty), the two are completely obsessed with each other from first look. There's not really a plot; the characters are just swept along in the mediocre undertow called T Davis Bunn. The dialogue is shallow, and the ending very vague and spacey. The whole book is about people trying to get money, and fighting each other over it. There's barely any mention of God or what He can do beyond money. This alone makes it one of the worst books ever written.
Most of T's other books have potential. This one does not, because of its worn out plot idea.
The best thing I can do is hope for him to somehow hit the right note one of these days.
1 star

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