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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heartland by T Davis Bunn

The only book that I can think of that is similar to Heartland is Take One by Karen Kingsbury. However, Take One is much better than Heartland.
Heartland has a very disjointed storyline. The description on the back was extremely misleading and the plot was all over the place It never stuck with one thing, it jumped all around. The back says it's supposed to be about an actor caught in a bus crash on his way to a movie set. He thinks he is dead but wakes up on the movie set with short term memory loss. But he realizes that his life may have been the figment of someone else's imagination.
Sounds cool, huh?
That's exactly what I thought. It was my first pick of the pile of library books. But disappointment set in before I was even halfway through with it. It's really about an actor with short term memory loss working with his friend, the director, on a movie with a low budget.
The characters were plastic, as usual. Once again, I don't know who they are.
The middle of the book meanders along and around certain ideas. I can't really point out to you any bright spots because it was all so robotic. "He did this and she did that and he did that and she did this."
But then the book comes up to an interesting point before the end. From this point, the book could have been very creative or very cheesy. It was cheesy. I thought of a much better ending that could have made the whole thing, including the back cover, make sense.
But it didn't. This book is basically a waste of your time.
1.5 stars

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