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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ghostwriter by Travis Thrasher

All original ideas must be put to rest eventually. Thrasher has used the scenario of the lead experiencing life that never really happened three times now. While Ghostwriter is better than Isolation, Travis has probably reached and climbed over the peak of his career.
Ghostwriter is about a popular author of ghost stories that suddenly gets writer's block. He panics and steals the manuscript of an up-and-coming writer and calls it his own. On the day the book comes out, the true author of the book begins harassing him. Than scenes from the popular author's first books start happening to him.
This is interesting, but it could have had a better end. I didn't like the way Thrasher forced the supernatural part into the end. I think he's overemphasizing his genre change frequently. This is also reflected when Travis talked about next year's book, also a supernatural thriller.
Basically, there's nothing wrong with Ghostwriter, he just hasn't yet gone back to his originality that he was so good at. And I'm not sure if another book will change that.
3 stars

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