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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hidden by Kathryn Mackel

I have to say, The Hidden was not all that I expected it to be.
The cover description says it's about Susan Stone, a psychiatrist with a troubled past. Her son died in his twenties. His former fiancee blames her for his death. That's what's driven her to help her elderly father when he injures himself at his horse breeding farm in Colorado.
But when the delivery of a foal is disastrous, she takes off riding up a nearby mountain and the horse throws her into a ravine. In the ravine she finds a young man, chained to the cave wall.
This novel is a supernatural novel, but it is not suspense. It actually has a realistic setting and believable characters. There aren't any overly dramatic scenes. Kathryn has come up with a really good and possible idea based on a little known passage in the Bible.
The problem comes in when she tries to fix everything at the end and be popular with the public. In doing this, she digs a major plot hole that is never filled.
She ruined a perfectly good idea that could have made the Elite List.
This really crushes me when an author introduces a good, original idea, but then doesn't use it. This shows that they are not properly using their talent.
But this book is not completely ruined and still warrants a read.
3 stars

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