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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Josiah Files by Linda Hall

If you were to look into the future, say, 1000 years into the future, what would you see? You would probably see the elimination of Christianity and the ushering in of a one world religion. That's exactly the story The Josiah Files tells.
It focuses on the "pastor" of the one world church, which everyone in the world attends, whether in person or on simulcast. But this certain pastor is disgusted with the newly-introduced custom of "elevating" elderly people and mental cases. In short, killing them to save room on the planet.
The pastor is then given a proposal to plant and pastor a church on Mars, apparently the new frontier. He is troubled by the crime he sees on Mars and quickly returns to his home planet.
He eventually discovers an old condemned building on the edge of his vast property. Within the building he discovers an old book. As he keeps going back to the church, he eventually discovers that the church is not empty. It's merely a portal to an underground Christian church, which he joins.
The whole idea behind this book is interesting, and there is much more to tell. The title makes a lot of sense when you think about it.
The characters are a bit lacking in luster, which probably keeps it off the Elite List.
All in all, this book is interesting and should be read.
3 stars

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