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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Immortal by Angela Hunt

The Legend of the Wandering Jew may be historian's speculation, but it makes an interesting plot device. In case you don't know this legend, I'll tell you. There is supposedly a man who cannot die because Jesus put an immortality curse on him. The man apparently got up in Jesus' face on the Via Delrosa and spit in His face. So Jesus cursed him with immortality.
Why is immortality a curse, you ask? That's the same question a certain newspaper reporter asked him.
But that's getting ahead of the story.
Our lead is a newspaper reporter who is called to come interview for a job at an international paper in Rome. The interview lasts for three months, and while she's there, she uncovers some disturbing things. The paper is apparently owned by a man the Wandering Jew calls the Antichrist.
The reporter meets The Immortal on the streets of Rome and the two of them become friends. The reporter discovers his secret when she comes to visit his apartment and sees all his journals. His journals recording all the events that have happened in his 2000 year lifetime.
The characters are pretty good. There is an excuse for why The Immortal is perfect.
The end of the plot is interesting and once again shows off Hunt's originality.
4 stars

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