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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kingdom Come by T Davis Bunn and Larry Burkett

Cult stories are usually predictable and unoriginal. But not all plots have to be that way.
Kingdom Come tells the story of a strange fenced in community called Kingdom Come. Legally, everything's above board and clean. They have all the government licences and regulations in a row. But a picky FBI chief is all uptight about the fence built around the city. So he sends one of his best undercover agents in to join the community and see what's up.
The only problem is, everyone in Kingdom Come knows the agent is coming and even greet him cordially. The agent is taken aback at this as he is warmly greeted by the citizens, even though they know he's FBI. He begins attending church services there and finds himself begin to actually like the place.
But trouble comes in at another angle when a senior pastor who knows the pastor at Kingdom Come begins sniffing around and trying to get his hands in their business.
Overall, the plot is a little slow for those who are looking for a fast paced story. But the true originality behind this plot is shown in the fact that not all cults have to sacrifice people on altars or enforce heavy statutes.
But the problem comes in at the Bunn's failed attempt at a suspenseful scene at the end. It's nonsensical. Without this scene, the book might have made the Elite List.
But there are other things that kept it off the Elite List, like shallow characters and unnecessary scenes.
But all in all, this is actually a book by T Davis Bunn that I would recommend.
2.5 stars

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