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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Impostor by T Davis Bunn

There are always exceptions.
Impostor is the exception to Bunn's usual bad writing style. Though it can still be improved, it's his best book to date.
It's about a Baltimore cop who is investigating a bomb explosion-the very one that killed his mother. Meanwhile, his father is campaigning for his seat in the US senate.
There are several problems with it, though. The first being the inevitable unnecessary romance. The second being the lack of good characters (there's something new). The main character is portrayed as a man who can put on any exterior to hide his true feelings. The result is a non-character. The lead is an entity, something that everyone else talks about, but has no thoughts or feelings of its own. I heard other characters talk about his magical ability, but I never actually saw it myself.
The worst thing about is that if you remove the lead from this story, you don't lose anything. That's pretty bad. However, this book does contain Bunn's one and only good character, the female lead.
The third problem is the length. It's much too long. The middle does not hold the reader's attention well at all. There aren't really any plot twists. It's just a monotone plot.
But one of Bunn's most original ends to date is contained in this book. Not even I expected this one. Considering all these facts, however, T Davis Bunn has yet to make the Elite list.
3 stars

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