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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Pearl by Angela Hunt

What would you do if your son died in a tragic automobile accident? Would you jump at a chance to get him back?
When a popular radio counselor's son dies at his own daycare when a car backs into him, she is devastated. He was her only biological child; her daughter being adopted.
But her teenage daughter is not happy with her parents' deep-seeded grief. She feels as though she's merely extra baggage since she is not their biological child.
But soon the grief subsides and life goes on. Until the radio host gets sees an advertisement for biological regeneration. Someone could actually steal some DNA off of the dead body, implant it into an embryo, and than put the embryo in her. Her son could live again!
But this becomes a source of family turmoil as her family splits into three different directions.
The idea behind this plot is inventive, as usual. But the characters are a little lacking in vigor, especially the perfect male lead.
The end of this story is pretty easy the figure out. There are no surprises here.
All in all, this book isn't bad, it's just not Hunt's best.
3 stars

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