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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Second Thief by Travis Thrasher

There's usually a reason why a certain book is an author's most popular. I found out why after reading The Second Thief.
The plot follows a bored businessman who decides to commit espionage with his boss's biggest secret. Since he already has a buyer lined up, he hops on the fastest plane to San Fran to meet with him. Unfortunately, the flight he's on crashes, leaving him as the only survivor. From there, he wanders through life, confronting his past and discovering consequences to his mistakes.
I have to admit, the middle makes you want to give up on it because it becomes a mediocre storyline long-repeated. He goes to see his aunt and uncle who raised him. They talk for a while. He goes to see his ex-wife. hey talk for a while. He goes to see his brother. They talk for a while.
But the ending makes it all worth it. Not only are the characters good, but the ending is one of the most original I have ever read. If you have never read this book, you should read it immediately.
5 stars

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