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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take Two by Karen Kingsbury

At least Take Two was an improvement from Take One. I always find it hard to review the Baxter family books. And yes, this is a Baxter family book; the entire series is an extension of them, whether Karen wants it to be or not. The good thing is, Take Two only has a few chapters containing the Baxters. This was a plus.
She continued the web between Bailey, Tim, and Cody, and I think I can see where she's going with that one. She created a rift between Chase and Kelly, probably just for the plot. This part alone is original for her because it's a little different from anything she's written.
She also has Andi tangled up in another mess that she purposely left continued at a vital point. She made it impossible for me to say she should end with this book. It's not possible and the public wouldn't like it.
Right now, my best advice for her is to end the Baxters forever with this series and only write standalone books.
Another plus to the book was her creative use of her Forever in Fiction character. This is something she should have done all along.
3 stars

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