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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Time Lottery by Nancy Moser

What would you do if you could back up to a certain time in your life and try again?
That's the question The Time Lottery asks and answers, in three different ways.
Scientific research has given scientists the ability to tap into any one's mind and send them into a parallel universe in which they can try to fix their mistakes. But if the person decides to stay in that alternate universe and their new future, the body on this side will die.
Now these scientists want to test this ability on humans, so they're selling the privilege off in the form of lottery tickets. Time Lottery tickets.
There are three winners: a businesswoman wanting a new husband, a doctor wanting to wanting a boyfriend she never had, and a street pastor who dies before getting to start over. His ticket is stolen by his murderer, who pretends to be him.
Once these three go into their past, it's obvious who's going to return and who's not. The only thing interesting about this book is the originality behind it, not the end.
But this book still warrants a read.

3 stars

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