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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Trial by Robert Whitlow

You'd think Whitlow would be able to come up with a more creative title.
The Trial was everything I expected it to be. A plain, simple, court case about a downtrodden innocent defendant accused of murdering a young heiress. The lawyer who is representing him has nothing left to live for except this one case, but a perfect hero lawyer helps him fight against insurmountable odds to prove the defendant innocent. Even in the end, I was never convinced that he was innocent.
The characters are bad and the plot has been done before. The one good thing about it was the author's ability to hide the true enemy until the last few pages. Also, the purpose behind the enemy is interesting.
There are several obvious things about it, however, including the unnecessary romantic subplot. Basically, The Trial is about as average as a legal fiction books can get. But I know Robert can do better than this.
2.5 stars

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