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Monday, August 17, 2009

Try Darkness by James Scott Bell

Try Darkness is better than its prequel. Ty is still living at the convent, and offering his lawyering services to poor people who come into a local coffee shop. But when he takes on a case against Al Bradshaw, his former partner, things get interesting.
To be honest, the case was a little vague to me. The cover desciption says he takes acase against Al, but Al was hardly in the book.
These factors are keeping this book off the Elite List.
However, Bell continues to develop the characters masterfully, better than he ever has. Another problem I could think of with it is its unnessacary title. For all it's worth, it should have been called Try Desperation.
This book ranks high among Bell's books and is definitely worth your time.
3.5 stars

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