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Monday, August 17, 2009

Veiled Freedom by Jeanette Windle

To be honest, I was wary when I first heard about Windle's new book Veiled Freedom. After reading Betrayed, I thought she should and would not write anymore.
But new books are always places for new beginnings.
Veiled Freedom follows the story of Amy Mallory, a kind-hearted woman working in a women's prison in Afghanistan. The only reason those women are there is because their men didn't want them anymore. Amy sees what pain is hidden behind the burqas and why.
Steve Wilson has returned to Afghanistan after seven years to find that all is not well. Life is still violent and the women are still being mistreated. He inevitably crosses path with Amy, who does not like him at first.
Jamil is an angry Muslim with a rudimentary knowledge of the medical field. He is working side by side with Amy and he is hiding a secret.
Now you say, wait a minute! That doesn't sound like a plot you would like. Normally I would not.
If it were not for the end.
The main things keeping this book from being five stars is the military lingo that has no glossary anywhere in the book (unless I just got a bad copy), the perfect male lead, and the generally boring plot.
But all in all, Windle did something at the end that we have have been waiting for for a long time.
4 stars

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