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Monday, August 17, 2009

Try Fear by James Scott Bell

The verdict is in: I should never prejudge a book. As I've said before, I'm always wary about third books of trilogies. I've said before that the Ty Buchanan series didn't need a third book. I'm glad I was wrong.
As Ty continues offering free legal advice on Saturdays at the Ultimate Sip, he gets himself tangled into several different questionable situations. James does a masterful job of beginning the story well with the line "The police nabbed Santa Claus at the corner of Hollywood and Gower." From there, the web of deception grows with every chapter. Sister Mary is being threatened by a cyber stalker, a questionable death pops up in the neighborhood and Ty gets himself involved in the life of a prosecutor, a weed smoker, and a street preacher all at once.
In the middle of the book, nothing makes much sense, but be patient; it all comes together in one of Bell's most original ends to date. I have waited for a legal author to do what he did for so long. The one drawback that keeps this book from being five stars in one unnecessary "suspenseful" scene at the end. But thank God it wasn't a hostage scene.
All in all, James Scott Bell in currently the author of the year.
4.5 stars

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