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Friday, August 7, 2009

Abiding Darkness by John Aubrey Anderson

Spiritual warfare is something that needs to be dissolved from Christian fiction for at least the next one hundred years. Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, and Alton Gansky have paved a path of monotony in this genre, giving fledgling authors like John Aubrey Anderson a bad name.
To talk about the plot of Abiding Darkness would be an overstatement in itself, since it doesn't have one. So let's talk about the finer points of the book. It follows random parts of the life of a certain southern girl who, for some unknown reason, has been plagued by demons all her life. They have inhabited people and animals to try to destroy her for some apparent reason. The book starts out with her as an eight year old girl, than it jumps to her as a fourteen year old for a brief time, than it jumps to her in college. The authors gives no indication that these frequent transitions in time are going to occur; they simply happen without warning. She has three different "suspenseful" encounters with demons throughout her life.
The characters, besides being shoved in your face at the beginning of the book, disappear and reappear at random intervals throughout the book. None of them have consistent personalities.
The book begins with an old-fashioned "cast of characters", in which it proceeds to tell you everything about the characters before you even get to know them. The book ends with the cheesy statement "Spring was coming. Peace was returning. THE END"
I'm afraid I can't find anything significantly good about this plot. In his author bio, John Aubrey Anderson says that he used to be a commercial pilot. I think he should write what he knows next time.
1.5 stars

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