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Monday, August 17, 2009

Winter Haven by Athol Dickson

Winter Haven is very original, even for Athol Dickson. But like They Shall See God, the reader has to bear with odd scenes before it really gets to the point.
It's about a woman whose brother washes up on the beach of an island off of Maine after being lost for fifteen years. The strange part is that his body hasn't aged since he went missing. She arrives on the island, and strange things start happening. Things that seem supernatural. She hears stories of horror as told by the islanders and almost leaves until she gets invited by an "outsider" to come to the other side of the island. What she finds there stuns her.
Athol Dickson finds a great way to make this book suspenseful as several strange things happen (one of them involving a polar bear). However, they are tasteful scenes that lead the reader to a plausible and realistic ending.
4.5 stars

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