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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Angel of Wrath by Bill Myers

Bill Myers is an old dog who needs to learn new tricks. Either that, or retire.
Charlie, Lisa, and Jazmine from The Voice are back with a new case on their hands: members of a certain mega church are dying for sins in their past. The killer is relentless, and they are working overtime to discover the culprit in time.
A coven of teenagers are playing with things they don't understand. In their quest to bring the end by purging the church of evil, the open a Pandora's Box and unleash something they can't control.
Among the myriad of issues pushed throughout this book, the one that seems to stand out among the rest is worship used as warfare, like King Jehoshaphat did. While this sounds interesting, it becomes a CRT for the final showdown.
Of a book could be worse than The Voice, than Angel of Wrath is that book. Aside from less than average characters, the supernatural themes are all to familiar to other books.
As I've said before, supernatural is just a nice name for Christian horror. That's what "supernatural" really means anyway.
The final showdown was hardly bearable. You can imagine what it was like-screaming demons, attempted exorcism, Bible verses, and, of all things, singing.
I don't want to be cruel but Bill Myers really needs to stop writing before he embarrasses himself further.
1 star

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