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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Island Inferno by Chuck Holton

Seargent "Rip" Rubio is sent on a special mission with Task Force Valor to a Pacific island to try and recover a stolen military device. Back in the States, Rip's sister is falling under the influence of local gangs. Rip is powerless to help her.
Fernanda Lerida is a grad student on vacation with her fellow students on the very same island. She, of course, gets caught up in the action with Rip.
It's obvious that this book lacks the interesting plot of Allah's Fire. Gone is the original weapon idea and in comes typical suspense. Hostage scenes, explosions, jungle chases, gunfire, and more litter the plot and make it very mediocre and mindless.
The Task Force Valor series is one of those series that goes from one character to the next and fixes them up, makes them perfect. Allah's Fire did John Cooper; Island Inferno did Rip Rubio.
Rip Rubio, atheist at first, whole-hearted Christian in the end, with a free girlfriend to go with his purchase. It's just so typical and clear cut it's ridiculous.
Chuck Holton needs to try something different.
1 star

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