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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Edge of Darkness by Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips

There are several things I can't understand about The Edge of Darkness. Number one, why he wrote this book. It seems like it could have ended in The Europa Conspiracy. Number two, why Summer is introduced into the plot. And number three, why the authors are talking about continuing this book.
The plot starts out with Michael playing another one of Methuselah's games. This time it leads him to search for the Temple of Dagon. Of course, Talon and the Seven also want it. But not only the temple itself but what is contained there.
The characters remain senselessly perfect, and a plot device named Summer is introduced into the plot to wreak havoc on Michael's relationship with Isis.
There is one unnecessary scene of exorcism that adds nothing to the plot except to further show how perfect Michael Murphy is.
However, bearing this evidence that shows The Edge of Darkness is the same as the other books in this series, just wait; there is a smoking gun: the conclusion. The ends of all the subplots are superb. The very end of the book was good enough to overcome the bad characters and land this book a spot on the Elite list. I have no idea what possessed Tim LaHaye to write such an end to an otherwise mediocre series.
But maybe it isn't the end. I have heard rumors of Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips writing a fifth book to this series. Of course, you had to see it coming with that kind of end. The public won't let that rest.
But Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips should cut their losses and end the series with this book. It will be one of the best things they ever do if they do so.
All in all, this has been an entertaining series that probably warrants a read.
4 stars

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