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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

White by Ted Dekker

The Circle series is almost complete. Thomas of Hunter is stuck in Other Earth because he died in Real Earth. He and the other followers of Elyon have formed a group called the Circle. Despite what the cover description says, the fate of both worlds does not hang in the balance, only the fate of Real Earth, which is infected by the Raison Strain. But Thomas does hold the answer to the cure for the Raison Strain, only he is dead.
But you probably already forgot that insignificant object from Red, the blank Book of History. This acts as a CRT (convenient rescue technique) to bring Thomas back to life in Real Earth. While the idea is creative, it's just a little too convenient.
Once Thomas resurrects in Real Earth, he visits the president and his sister about what he can do. The cure to the Raison Strain isn't what anyone thinks it is. The antivirus does not work. Newly resurrected Monique is working around the clock with another antivirus.
Back in Other Earth, Chelise, daughter of Qurong, is pledged to be married to Woref, general of the Horde. Woref has been recently visited by Teeleh. Teeleh intends to poison Chelise' thoughts of conversion through her husband.
But Thomas of Hunter is always there for the downtrodden Scabs. While none of the other warriors in the Circle want Scabs to convert, Thomas becomes obsessed with converting Chelise. He alone loves the Scabs. In fact, all the characters have lost their personalities.
If you haven't noticed by now, Thomas has morphed into a perfect character. All he does the whole book are the right things. He becomes ridiculously in love with Chelise, the replacement romance for Rachelle. Unfortunately, I knew that was going to happen. I'm so sick of phrase "he\she would have insisted I marry her" when speaking for a dead love interest. All that does is justify the replacement romance.
The cure for the Raison Strain is original, but the fact that Thomas lives in both worlds is all too convenient. How did Rachelle\Monique die at the same time and Thomas didn't at the end?
But by curing the virus, Ted Dekker broke the Circle. The series is no longer a circle, but a line. Having this book continue into Green would have very original, making it one of the best series ever written.
But Ted Dekker couldn't resist the perfection.
Though this book is written well, the content is suffering for originality. Dekker ruined his chances at an Elite series.
2.5 stars

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