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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

House of Wolves by Matt Bronleewe

As Matt Bronleewe brings to Christian fiction a new genre, he is beginning to become repetitive in his story lines. I can't believe the similarities between Illuminated and House of Wolves. He has attempted to distinguish the two by adding more involved family members to the plot of House of Wolves, but it's very obvious. The villain is very similar to the first, and so is the whole objective of the plot.
Another valuable book is found. Another secret society obsessed with dragons is after it. More bizarre deaths. Another treasure.
I actually found several parts a little bizarre, including the strange villain living beneath ice with a giant idol.
Basically, everyone thinks House of Wolves is as great as the first, but it is really much worse. Bronleewe couldn't come up with anything interesting, but the public wanted a sequel, so he copied the first.
The characters are worse than the first. August has achieved perfection. At least Matt hasn't had the two months get back together again. And at least August or April didn't find a new date who is also named after a month.
The cheesy final scene is hardly bearable and is pretty much the icing on the spongy, store-bought cake. Matt Bronleewe should not continue this book. He might should not write another book if it's going to be like this.
This book is not worth your time.
1 star

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