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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healey

Shauna McAlister wakes up after a six-week coma to find that she and her brother were mangled in a car crash. Her brother is basically brain dead, yet she is almost back to functioning normally.
Only, several days after leaving the hospital, she discovers that she has a mysterious gift. Every time she kisses her boyfriend, she dreams something from his past. As the book progresses, she discovers that her gift runs deeper than she originally thought.
This core idea behind the plot is very original. But why do authors have to muddle original ideas with Literary Trash?
The characters aren't any good. Everyone plays his or her part too well. Everything is too clear cut.
The villains are cheesy, one of them being an evil stepmother! I thought we retired that one back in the days of fairy tales! The other villain is just average.
There are too many issues crammed into this plot; politics, dealing with your past, inevitable romance, and selling babies on the black market.
Shauna's original gift is stifled among all this littering the authors did. When she starts to use the power in an original way, the authors cut it off.
Hostage/kidnapping scenes are getting as old as the proverbial hills. Now there's only one way to end a hostage scene, and Kiss did not use it.
It's really hard to tell how much either of the authors did in this book. It's half Ted Dekker good suspense and half rookie mistakes by Erin Healey.
The prologue and the epilogue are in the first person perspective of Shauna, but the rest of the book isn't. I think it would have been better if the whole book would have been in that context.
Shauna's gift is the only thing keeping this book afloat form the doldrums.
2.5 stars

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