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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deep Blue by Tom Morrisey

One wouldn't think that a suspense novel about diving would be very interesting, but it is. Deep Blue follows the story of Beck Easton, an experienced diver trained in diving for lost treasure. While working in an office, he meets a woman who directs him to a lost treasure off the coast of the Bahamas. As usual, someone else wants the treasure too.
The character development is stereotypical, but what does one expect from a budding author? The female lead is perfect, mainly because she is a Christian. Beck Easton is not, and she is trying to get him to become one.
Though there are hints of a last chapter conversion, as one would call it, the reason behind it is plausible, and not to mention original.
The end is the reason it is as good as it is. I can't believe Tom did what he did at the end. It was a whole separate part to the book that he could have easily eliminated. But he did not.
The main things keeping this book from being five stars are, of course, the romantic subplot, and also the inevitable finding of the treasure at the end.
It's a good thing Tom didn't delve any deeper into the villain than he did. It was just right.
All in all, this book is very original and warrants a read.
4.5 stars

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