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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Promise Remains by Travis Thrasher

Debut novels have a low success rate in my book. The Promise Remains is no exception.
Sara and Ethan were young people in love back in the day. But when Ethan proposed one day, she refused for undisclosed reasons. Then the two of them went their separate ways and lived separate lives.
Now, years later, Sara is on the verge of marriage to another man, and she remembers Ethan's letters. As she begins to read them, she begins to have second thoughts.
Ethan is living the exciting life of a bachelor. He's got nothing to live for, and now his mother, the last person on earth he loves, is dying.
But Sara begins searching for Ethan without his knowledge. Will the two of them find each other in time?
That's a dumb question to ask. Of course they will. This is what drives this genre. It's hopeless.
But the plot was not completely hopeless. I see no reason why it needed to be so short. It's one of the shortest books I've ever read. The characters were starting to show some personality, but Thrasher gave them no time to develop. He cut them off at the end when they were just getting started.
With better characters, this book would have been a lot better than it was.
Sara's refusal of Ethan the first time, the very thing that drives the plot, is vague and hardly explained, not even at the end.
Yet this book still has potential, if Travis feels the need to rewrite it.
1.5 stars

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