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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frasier Island by Susan Page Davis

A female Army officer's first assignment is to Fraiser Island, a secret government compound in the Pacific. There aren't very many officers stationed there, so it is considered an honor to be assigned there. But when she gets there, she quickly finds out that she doesn't like the officer in charge, the male lead. She also befriends a young officer about her age who's always dreaming of home.
While the idea of a secret government compound isn't very creative, what Frasier Island hides is original, but a little on the absurd side. There are many things the lead, nor the reader, don't understand at first. There are several cover ups and deceptions that are interesting enough.
But the whole fighting at first\kissing later concept of romance is really wearing on me. Especially when the female lead is carefree and the male lead is perfect with a troubled past.
This book didn't really need a villain, but there was one anyway. And he came with the complete package: gunfire, sayings at the push of a button, the whole nine yards.
The characters have room for improvement, as with most debut novels.
Nevertheless, the secret of Frasier Island is what is keeping this book afloat in the doldrums of fiction.
2.5 stars

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