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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apocalypse Dawn by Mel Odom

The Left Behind series is apparently one of those series that people feel the need to write many spin offs for. The Left Behind Military series is one of those such spin offs.
Samuel Adams "Goose" Gander is a brave man fighting in the 75th Infantry of the Army. He's currently in Turkey on an anti-terror mission. Then one of his closest friends disappears into thin air. He's gone just like that.
His wife, Megan is back in the states, living at a base with their two sons. She's on staff with the Army as a counselor. When one of her clients suddenly disappears under strange circumstances, she is put under suspicion of kidnapping. But her five year old son disappeared also...
Danielle is a reporter caught in the middle of the vanishings. She works with FOX News, but now One World News, owned by Nicolae Carpathia, is trying to literally buy her for themselves.
In my opinion, Mel handled the situations surrounding the vanishings better than in the original Left Behind series. However, there are many similarities. There is a chaplain who is left behind because he thought his father's faith would save them. He serves as the "guide" for the confused people.
Pretty much every character that was left behind says something along the lines of "I was a good person. Why was I left behind?" or "I know I was a Christian. Maybe I just wasn't a good enough Christian." This suggests that Mel Odom has a philosophy contrary to the Bible.
The book is far too long. There are too many explosions in Turkey. I would have liked it better if he would have set the book more in the states.
The characters are just whatever. Megan is a good character, and so is her seventeen-year-old son Joey. But Goose, according to what other characters say about him, is perfect. His own actions do not demonstrate such perfection.
The near-death scene at the end was pretty unnecessary in my opinion.
All in all, this book is okay. It will be interesting to see what Mel does with the rest of the series.
3 stars

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