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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Illuminated by Matt Bronleewe

After writing and publishing music all his adult life, Matt Bronleewe is looking to a different area of art: books. The good thing is that he has started out trying to be original.
The plot of Illuminated is about a dysfunctional treasure hunter family. August and April Adams are divorced, and their son is caught in the middle. However, they both share an interest of secret societies and mysterious history.
On this particular day, August is on a transatlantic flight when he gets into a conversation with a woman who is also interested in secret societies. She gives him an ancient Gutenberg Bible with a mysterious code hidden within its pages. It turns out that she planted herself on the plane on purpose to force him to decode it for her own purposes.
All the while, April is on the run with another valuable book. Their son is staying with Grandma, but they are not out of danger either.
I wonder if it's even possible for a treasure hunt book to lack secret societies. That's the first problem with it.
What kind of names are August and April Adams? How cheesy to name two married characters after two different months!
The characters are just average. Nothing wowing.
Bronleewe came up with an interesting treasure hunt plot and with it, an interesting answer to the treasure hunt. The only problem is the very end. The good thing is that while he's trying not to be inherently Christian, there's no other book like this one on the Christian market, and it is sure to be popular.
3 stars

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